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NEW: Volunteer for our Campaign Against the Oldest Prison in the Country


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with CLASP. As a small grassroots organization, our work is entirely dependent on your support. We are currently backlogged with volunteer applications, but look forward to getting back to you as soon as we can. We’re extremely appreciative of the interest we’ve received thus far.

It’s easy to join us. Just read through the in-house and remote descriptions, then fill out a Volunteer Application.


Based in Princeton, NJ, CLASP is currently seeking full and part-time volunteers in the following roles:

  • pro bono litigation lawyers
  • paralegals
  • case managers
  • social media intern


Our remote team of volunteers work online with a flexible schedule. CLASP is currently seeking remote volunteers for the following opportunities:

Prisoner Requests are small, one-time tasks that usually require looking something up for a prisoner. A lot of volunteers start out by completing these microtasks before taking on more complex assignments.

  • Find a local shop that sells typewriters and/or word processors
  • Initiate contact with Black Lives Matter leaders
  • Publish prisoner blog posts
  • Prisoner correspondence

Assignments are a collaborative and coordinated effort to complete a project-related task. Volunteers often work on a variety of assignments before taking on leadership roles and independent projects.

  • Call for Prisoner Artists

Projects are creative assignments which spread public awareness, advocate on behalf of prisoners’ rights, and challenge preconceived notions of solitary confinement.

  • Light Pollution: U.S. Prosecutors Database
  • New Jersey: Prisoner Reports
  • Campaign Against Governor Christie’s solitary confinement bill veto
  • Fundraising for Legal Fund
  • Prisoners Art Exhibit
  • Know-Your-Rights Clinics for Boxers


Paralegal for prison litigation

Please note: We are located in Princeton, NJ

CLASP is actively seeking full-time and part-time Paralegal Volunteers. The Paralegal Volunteers will join the CLASP legal team and assist with:

  • legal research (related cases, statutes, rules, etc.)
  • legal writing
  • organizing notes
  • photocopying exhibits
  • making phone calls to the courts
  • investigative research (background checks, locating defendants, etc.)
  • and a variety of other tasks

To apply, please email us your resume/CV. Include a brief note describing what sparked your interest in prisoners’ rights and why you’re interested in working for CLASP.



Find a local shop that sells typewriters and/or word processors

STATUS: Incomplete

A prisoner paralegal’s word processor recently broke. This person would like help finding a specific word processor from a local shop in either New Jersey or New York.

Initiate contact with Black Lives Matter leaders

STATUS: Incomplete

A prisoner would like to initiate contact with Black Lives Matter community leaders (ideally in New Jersey). The purpose is specifically for art-related reasons, which can be disclosed to you by us over an email, video chat, or phone call.

Prisoner Correspondence

STATUS: On-going

In collaboration with the Center For Action Research’s Prison PenPal Project, we are accepting a list of volunteers who would like to be penpals with prisoners.



Campaign Against Governor Christie’s solitary confinement bill veto

Governor Christie recently struck down a legislative measure that limits solitary confinement in New Jersey’s prisons. This bill would have enforced limits on particularly vulnerable prison populations, such as juveniles, the elderly, pregnant women, people with medical treatment needs, and mental illness.

CLASP is currently responding to the decision by:

  • publishing prisoners’ responses to the veto
  • campaigning against Governor Christie’s decision
  • exposing hypocrisies and lies in Governor Christie’s position regarding his veto
  • tracking policies and practices pertaining to the use of solitary confinement within the New Jersey Department of Corrections
  • litigating (pro bono) prisoner claims regarding prolonged or indefinite solitary confinement in New Jersey’s prisons

If you are dismayed by Governor Christie’s decision and seek to participate in activism promoting the end of solitary confinement, please read our Open Call To Action and contact us to join.

Legal Funds for Individual Cases

CATEGORY: fundraising
STATUS: On-Going

CLASP litigates pro bono on behalf of prisoners in New Jersey. We rely on donations to pay for legal expenses (such as court filing fees, transcripts, investigation, etc.). We’re looking for help with fundraising for each prisoners’ rights case. (Alternatively, if you’d like to help relieve the financial burden litigation places on prisoners and their loved ones, please consider donating).

Prisoners Art Exhibit

CATEGORY: planning
STATUS: In Development
DATE: Spring 2017

CLASP is currently coordinating a prisoners art exhibit with local artists, prison artists, and a gallery. We’re looking for help from people with event planning, art exhibition, and/or fundraising experience.

Know-Your-Rights Clinics for Boxers

CATEGORY: fundraising
STATUS: In Development

CLASP’s Law For Boxers program is seeking venues to host Know-Your-Rights clinics and workshops. We are particularly interested in conducting clinics at boxing gyms (and other safe spaces). If you (or someone you know) trains boxers or owns a gym in New Jersey, please get in touch for more details.



Call for Prisoner Artists

CLASP is currently accepting artwork by prisoners as well as the formerly incarcerated. Artists must have a history with New Jersey prisons and/or jails. To apply, please send us an email.