We're a network of prison abolitionists targeting the oldest operating prison in the country: New Jersey State Prison

New Jersey State Prison ("NJSP") is warehousing people in filthy cages without providing them with the medical, mental health, or legal assistance they need.

We’ve been working tirelessly to disrupt that, and our efforts are finally making headway. This summer, we'll show elected State actors that the public--and the law--will not stand for our tax-dollars contributing to the mass violence that is indefinitely isolating humans in cages due to clerical errors, arbitrary reasons, or supposed "prison safety."

So...what can you do to help? A lot, it turns out.

Next Steps

Join Our Online Planning Session

This is a call for online activists, co-conspirators, abolitionists, and volunteers to join us as we plot against the oldest prison in the U.S.A. We need your thoughts, input, suggestions, and voices in our online planning sessions. 


As a non-profit project of the Center for Action Research, CLASP is 100% dependent on individual contributions. Your tax-deductible donations go a lot further when you're donating to a small, grassroots organization like ours. Donate today.


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Who Are We?

We're a grassroots prisoners' rights activist team working to dismantle prisons brick by brick. We're building a movement to end mass incarceration, end solitary confinement, and abolish prison. We believe in directly targeting State actors through pro bono litigation, as well as leveraging civic tech engagement to mobilize the public. We're looking for people like you to join us. .


We need your help to dismantle solitary confinement in the oldest prison in the United States. Join the CLASP remote and in-person network and mobilize for prisoners' rights activism: or click on a skill below to find out how you can play a key role in abolishing prison.