Take A Stand Against Mass Incarceration

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Now is the time to assist, serve, and protect society’s most vulnerable: prisoners.

Without your support, CLASP would be unable to offer pro bono impact litigation on behalf of prisoners fighting for prisoners’ rights.

Your compassion fuels our work. See how your donations directly fund our pro bono prisoners’ rights litigation and advocacy:

  • $50: prisoner mailing fees (including email stamps)
  • $75: prison visits and transportation costs
  • $100: collecting discovery, preparing legal documents
  • $250: court filings (i.e., a prisoner’s Notice of Appeal)
  • $500: a solid day of legal research, legal writing, and case organization
  • $1,000: utilizing tech to create databases, visualizations, maps, and other data materials to supplement legal complaints with visual facts (included in our exhibits)

Support CLASP in our fight to end mass incarceration.

Will Lecuyer Hearing 2016 CLASP

CLASP is a small, grassroots organization that serves prisoners who are paralegals, community leaders, artists, and activists. Based in Princeton, New Jersey, we represent prisoners all around the state. Support our work by donating today.

CLASP is a project of the Center for Action Research, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. As such, your donations are 100% tax-deductible.

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